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We are manufacturers of most of the products listed in this website. We are trying to provide products with minimal margin and the best quality required for each product. Most of the products last multiple years or even decades.

We also teach Nature Cure and Yoga at our centre. You can learn even online through the links provided below.

Subscribe to our YouTube channels and watch them to learn a sustainable and low-cost healthy lifestyle with the help of Nature.

naturecureyoga.org   |   pnyh.org

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You can always visit us during our service hours and make use of all our services we provide. Booking appointment is recommended to avoid delay and disappointment. Please call us in advance in case of any clarification. 

Please try to bring your own bags for purchases. Providing plastic carry bags is not allowed by local laws.

In case we provide packing materials, it will be chargeable and subject to availability. Please cooperate.


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R.S. SARAVANA TRADERS, Pavitra Nature & Yogha Hospital Building, 11, Mahalakshmi Nagar, IOB Colony Bus stop, Marudhamalai Road, BU Post,Coimbatore,TAMIL NADU - 641046

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Nature Cure Consultation daily on appointment basis

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Nature Cure Yoga Guidance, Treatments and Learning. Click to connect now.

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